Rancho Bonito – 1.278 right in the front, bring your atv’s, dirtbikes, and more

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If you are not already familiar with Rancho Bonito, and you like ATVs, Fourwheeling, Camping, Hunting, etc, you are in for a treat.

Rancho Bonito offers hundreds of acres of trails, mud holes and all around outdoor fun. This area is restricted to property owners who must prove they are owners in order to get a gate key. There is no annual fee of any kind, unlike River Ranch and other similar places.

Plus, the 1.26 acre lot you are buying is 100% yours. A great camping spot after a long day of outdoor fun. According to wetlands maps, this lot is 100% high and dry.

Rancho Bonito also has a private Landowners Facebook Group.

The main gate is located at 44356 County Road 54 East, Kathleen, Florida 33849





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A additional fee of $199 to close on this property in house with us or choose your own title to close with at your own expense.