Dare to Reach the Highest Point in Florida – Britton Hill Awaits!

Discover the true heights of beauty and adventure when you visit Britton Hill, Florida’s highest natural point. At 345 feet above mean sea level, Britton Hill is a must-see for mountain climbers, highpointers, and adventurers of all types. If a climb up the tallest peak in all 50 states is on your list of goals, then you’ll definitely want to include the relatively modest Britton Hill, the lowest High Point in the USA.

But who doesn’t enjoy a good view from the top? Over 250 intrepid souls have climber higher than Britton Hill in their pursuit of the highest points in every US state, some even going so far as to conquer Mount Everest! There is also a community of 490 people who have stood upon the highest ground in each of the lower 48 states – many of whom are senior citizens, young families, or simply hobbyists with a burning desire for reaching the peak of every mountain.

The Highpointers Foundation has been keeping track of these achievements since 1987, and continues to encourage more potential highpointers to take on the challenge. Dave Covill, Lead Director of the Highpointer Foundation has said “there are people who might make it to a few highpoints and others who will not rest until they have been to the top of every single one.”

Britton Hill, Florida is the perfect place to begin the journey. The hilltop is nestled within the quiet atmosphere of Walton County, just off I-10 onto County Road 285. Guests will be pleasantly surprised by the abundance of trees, old-style homes and 1950s era gas stations that line the roads as they approach the Hill.

The journey doesn’t end at the top of the Hill though! Just a short drive away is Strickland’s Christmas Tree Farm – a place beloved by locals and visitors alike where the Panhandle Opry began. Grandfather Ed Strickland and his employees discovered a shared love of country music and decided to start an ongoing jam session for family and friends. The popularity of these events led to a semi-regular show at a local restaurant, and eventually the Ed & Vera Strickland Music Hall was built entirely from volunteer labor. This beloved venue pays tribute to the Grand Old Opry, and is known for providing the cleanest show in country music.

If conquering the highest point in Florida isn’t enough of an adventure for you, there are plenty of nearby trails and areas to explore. Spend 45 minutes walking the yellow trail, or enjoy an hour and a half on the red route. Here, you can observe the local flora and fauna, or simply take in the beauty of the Hill.

For those looking to make a weekend or day trip out of this excursion, there are several options for lodging and dining. Along County Road 285, there are a number of moderately priced roadside motels, as well as Hotel DeFuniak which caters to out of towners. For an unforgettable meal, make sure to taste the country fried love of Ed’s Restaurant and the Simply Good Country Cooking barbecue – both in their third generations of serving heavenly burgers.

Don’t forget about the ultimate goal of this trip: conquering Britton Hill, Florida’s highest point! With the backdrop of North Walton County and the promise of a unique adventure, the time is now to join the hundreds of proud highpointers and scale to the highest heights.
So come experience the grandeur of Britton Hill and discover why this is the perfect place to reach for the stars!

The climb itself is not difficult, as it only consists of a roughly 50-foot pathway. Still, the peak can be quite steep and rocky, so come prepared with the proper gear! You’ll want to wear comfortable shoes and clothing, as well as bring a water bottle – you never know how thirsty you’ll get along the way.

For those who’d like a guided tour, there are plenty of options available. Highpointers send hikers to the peak with an experienced local guide who knows the territory like the back of their hand. They’ll point out interesting landmarks, offer up local history, and even provide helpful tips for if you ever plan to take on the rest of Florida’s highest points.

If you decide to go it alone, make sure you’ve scoped out the area before you head out. Get a good map and familiarize yourself with the terrain. Don’t forget to celebrate your achievement when you reach the top! Take a few minutes to appreciate the view, sign the guest book at the summit, or snap some photos of your hard-earned accomplishment.

It’s important to know that while Britton Hill is a popular stopping point for highpointers, it is also a protected piece of nature. So if you’re going to take this route, it’s essential to leave only footprints – pick up all garbage, use trails and campsites responsibly, and never approach any wildlife.

Of course, if conquering Britton Hill isn’t enough of an adventure, there’s always more to explore in the nearby area. Walton County is known as the Emerald Coast, so why not spend some time exploring the white sand beaches? Take a boat ride out to Shell Island, kayak through Catfish Lake, or rent some stand-up paddle boards for a relaxing day in the sun. There’s no shortage of outdoor activities here!

For the budding birds of prey enthusiasts, Walton County offers a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with birds of prey – from hawks to eagles – that have been rescued and rehabilitated. At the Emerald Coast Wildlife Refuge, you can participate in hands-on educational programs and get an inside look into the lives of these incredible raptors.

After you’ve taken in all of the sights and sounds of Britton Hill, the Emerald Coast and Walton County, the next logical stop is the world-famous Florida panhandle. The beauty of this region is hard to overstate – beaches, national forests, and state parks offer plenty of outdoor activities, while towns and cities like Panama City, Pensacola and Destin provide endless opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

No matter which path you choose, Britton Hill is sure to be a memorable part of your journey. With its record-breaking height and breathtaking views, the area is a must-see destination for anyone looking for adventure. So gather your supplies and take the plunge – it’ll be an experience you won’t soon forget!