Explore Outdoors the Right Way: Understanding The Compound’s Private Property Status

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City of Palm Bay, FL
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The Compound Is Not A Recreation Area: Understanding the Current Situaton

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Understanding The Compound
Located in the southwestern area of Palm Bay, Florida, the 12.2 square mile (2,784 acre) area known as The Compound is an undeveloped and previously owned by General Development Corporation (GDC). Construction had begun in the 1980s but ceased in 1991 when GDC went bankrupt. With most of the land currently under private ownership, and zoned for residential use, The Compound is not legally accessible for recreational activities.
It is important to note that anyone entering private land without the permission of the owner is considered trespassing and subject to fines or jail time. City-owned roadways in The Compound are open to the public, but all traffic laws must be followed. Speeding, racing, blocking, or operating off-road vehicles are all illegal activities on these roads and will not be tolerated by local law enforcement. Dumping and/or littering of any kind is also prohibited. Finally, shooting firearms is considered a public safety hazard and therefore illegal.
The City of Palm Bay has been working to educate the public on the realities of The Compound in hopes that those planning outdoor activities will seek out legal and sanctioned areas. In addition to spot enforcement by local law enforcement, the City will be utilizing public information campaigns and providing educational materials.
The current state of The Compound is not only a matter of upholding the law, it also impacts the local first responders. Quick and efficient responses from both police and firefighters can be hindered if routes are obstructed by vehicles or debris. The safety of these responders are further jeopardised by activities such as illegal firearm use. Therefore, The Compound is not only unsafe for recreational activities, it also puts trained professionals at risk.
It is clear that The Compound is not a viable recreational area and that anyone using it as such is likely breaking the law. Unfortunately, this misconception has led to an increase in illegal activity in the area. The City of Palm Bay advises citizens and visitors to seek out Palm Bay FL recreational areas such as Three Forks Marsh Recreation area that are designated for public access and correctly zoned.

Future of “The Compound”
The future of The Compound largely relies on the individual landowners of the property and there are no plans to redevelop the site with large-scale housing projects. Another potential project for the area includes the St. John’s Heritage Parkway ACE which plans to extend the roadway through The Compound. While the Florida Department of Transportation is currently carrying out an Alternative Corridor Evaluation, no final plans have been approved. If the results of the study prove positive, a Project Development and Environmental Study will need to be conducted to assess the potential environmental impact of the project before construction can begin.

Alternative Options for Recreation
For recreational activities, Palm Bay FL provides a variety of options. Residents can take advantage of multiple recreation parks and outdoor amenities. Blasting Beach Park features a nature boardwalk, native gardens, and a fishing pier. St. John’s Heritage Parkway ACE also offers over 11 miles of trails with breathtaking views. There are kayak launches, dog parks, and more than 15 playgrounds throughout Palm Bay. Visit the City of Palm Bay websitefor more information.
In addition to parks and trails, residents can utilize the Indian River Lagoon Kayak and Paddleboard Launch Sites located at the William T. Haney Sports Complex. There are also several six-acre lakes with picnic pavilions, playgrounds, and natural wetland areas available for public use. Visit the City of Palm Bay webpage for more information.
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Residents of Palm Bay, FL looking for recreational activities should be aware that The Compound, though seemingly a popular spot for outdoor adventures, is not a designated recreational area. With most of the area owned privately and zoned for residential use, illegally entering The Compound is considered trespassing and can result in fines or jail time. Even on city-owned roadways, local law enforcement will still enforce all traffic laws, prohibit shooting firearms, and prevent dumping and littering. The City of Palm Bay warns citizens of the dangers of using The Compound as a recreational area and instead directs them to multiple properly zoned, sanctioned venues for outdoor recreation. Those wanting more information on Palm Bay FL recreational areas can visit the City of Palm Bay website.

The City of Palm Bay recommends that visitors who want to enjoy the outdoors seek out approved recreational areas and obey all local laws. Some good locations for outdoor activities include The Blasting Beach Park, St. John’s Heritage Parkway ACE, and the William T. Haney Sports Complex. These areas offer nature paths, pavilions, fishing piers, kayak launches, and other amenities that are open to the public. In addition to these sites, the City has a number of playgrounds, trails, parks, and dog parks that can be used for recreation.

It is important to remember that the Compound is not a public access area and should not be entered illegally. With this in mind, visitors should use common sense when enjoying the outdoors in Palm Bay. Everyone should stay on marked trails, respect the environment, and leave no trace of their activities. Additionally, visitors should only use bicycles, paddle boards, and kayaks on water bodies that are designated for such activities.

The City of Palm Bay works hard to ensure citizens and visitors have access to safe and enjoyable recreational areas. To this end, the City has engaged in campaigns to educate the public about the reality of the Compound and promote the use of legal recreational areas. In addition to providing information and resources, the city will be providing spot enforcement to prevent illegal activities from taking place.

Recreational activities are an integral part of life in Palm Bay, FL. During these times of social distancing, it is especially important to find ways to stay active while maintaining safety protocols. Whether it’s a bike ride, paddle board adventure, or simply exploring nature trails, Palm Bay offers a variety of options for outdoor recreation. Residents and visitors should take advantage of these opportunities and practice responsible outdoor behavior while exploring the city’s many recreational areas.

Another important aspect of outdoor recreation in Palm Bay is respecting private property. Although The Compound is not officially open to the public, it is still private property and entering it without permission is considered trespassing. Not only is it illegal, but it could be dangerous as well. It is important for everyone to familiarize themselves with the laws and regulations governing outdoor recreation in the area to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

City-owned roadways in The Compound are open to the public, but all traffic laws must be followed. Speeding, racing, blocking, or operating off-road vehicles are all illegal activities that could result in fines or jail time. Dumping and/or littering of any kind is also prohibited on the roads and in other public areas. Finally, shooting firearms is considered a public safety hazard and therefore illegal. These regulations must be taken seriously if visitors wish to have a positive experience when visiting Palm Bay.

The City of Palm Bay encourages citizens and visitors alike to take full advantage of the many recreational opportunities available in the area. With numerous trails, parks, and playgrounds open to the public, there is plenty to explore. However, individuals must always remain aware of the laws governing outdoor activities, particularly in regards to The Compound. By understanding the current situation and using common sense when engaging in outdoor activities, citizens and visitors alike can enjoy the outdoors securely and responsibly.

It is essential for residents of Palm Bay to recognize the importance of public access and properly zoned recreational areas. The City of Palm Bay works to make sure legal recreational activities are available to all who wish to take advantage of the city’s outdoor amenities. Furthermore, they are committed to educating the public on the dangers of The Compound and its status as private property. So, if you are looking for a place to enjoy the outdoors, visit the City of Palm Bay website for more information on recreational areas that are correctly zoned and open to the public.