Palm Beach Heights aka PalMar Recreational Land.

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Palm Beach Heights/PalMar is a 8,000 plus acre subdivision that was never developed from the 60’s due to issues with county approval. Lots were bought by private owners and in many cases without being seen.

The properties are in Martin County, west of Jupiter and Stuart. The lots are west of Pratt Whitney Rd, north of Indiantown Rd, and south of Kanner Highway is adjacent to the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision’s Jones/Hungryland Wildlife and Environmental Area.

Current Use

Palm Beach Heights area is currently used by private properties owners as recreation land as there are no other approved uses. Owners ride atvs, bikes, camp, hunt and more. It is difficult to become a owner as there are only so many lots, and the area is very tranquil and isolated from populated neighborhoods.


Can I view properties and area? Only with a private land owner as the area is fully fenced off, with one easement access road through the Hungryland WEA park that FWC monitors.

Can I ride ATVs, dirtbikes, and recreational vehicles? Yes, the subdivision was recorded with easement roads and trails running throughout the area that are legally available for the private land owners use.

Can I go anywhere in the area? Yes, you can use all the easement roads, they are for the private landowners. Trails off of the easement roads can be used as trails but use common sense and be respectful because the easements go through other owners property. Do not stop and loiter on an easement trail especially if you see signs that the owner may use the parcel for tree stands, etc. If there is a primitive hunt camp setup do not disturb with motor noise or other loud activity. Have respect for other owners, the land, and the environment.

Can I camp? Yes, it is primitive camping, no water or power.

Can I build or bring mobile home? NO, NO, and NO

Can I bring my RV? Technically yes, but it will be difficult to get to your parcel, almost impossible, as the easement trails are tight, and a combination of dirt, water, grass, mud and trees.

If I manage to get a RV or travel trailer to my parcel, can I leave it? No, No, and No

Can I put up a fence? Again, NO, there is 0 building allowed

Can I hunt? Only on your parcel that you own.

Do I need a 4×4 to access the area? Yes it is highly recommended especially during the rainy season. The area has dry spots, wet spots, preserve, and more.

Any HOA’s or dues? No, only yearly taxes which are typically less than $50 a year.

Is this part of the Hungryland park? No, this is private property that you own, the easement road is part of hungry land to get to the area.

I am a landowner, how do I access? Contact the FWC with your parcel information and they will provide you a permit to use the access easement road to enter the Palm Beach Heights Recreational Area.

Highlighted Map Of The Area

Check Out Our Palm Beach Heights Recreational Land Properties Now