Ten interesting facts about the landscape of Florida

  1. Florida is known as the “Sunshine State” because it has an average of 230 days of sunshine per year, making it one of the sunniest states in the US.
  2. The Florida Everglades, located in southern Florida, is the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States and is home to a diverse array of plant and animal species, including the endangered Florida panther.
  3. Florida is the flattest state in the US, with an average elevation of just 100 feet above sea level. The highest point in Florida is Britton Hill, which stands at just 345 feet tall.
  4. Florida has over 8,000 miles of coastline, which is the longest coastline in the contiguous United States.
  5. The Florida Keys, a chain of islands located off the southern coast of Florida, is the only coral reef system in the continental US and is home to a variety of marine life, including colorful fish, sea turtles, and dolphins.
  6. The Florida peninsula was once submerged under the ocean, and as a result, much of the state’s land is made up of limestone and other sedimentary rock formations.
  7. The state of Florida has over 30,000 lakes, which range in size from small ponds to massive bodies of water like Lake Okeechobee, which is the second-largest freshwater lake in the contiguous United States.
  8. The northern part of Florida is home to several natural springs, which are popular spots for swimming, tubing, and other outdoor activities.
  9. The mangrove forests that line much of Florida’s coastline serve as important habitats for a variety of animal species, including manatees, sea turtles, and a variety of birds.
  10. The state of Florida is home to several unique ecosystems, including the pinelands of the central and southern parts of the state, the cypress swamps of the northern part of the state, and the tropical hardwood hammocks of the Florida Keys.